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Awards and Recognitions:

- Nominated as one of the 50 inspiring women in the U.A.E. 2021

- The Visionary Women Award, Dubai, U.A.E. 2021

Exhibitions and Participations:

​- Art Hub Abu Dhabi 2018

- Double Tree Hilton, Dubai 2019

- Cambass Art gallery N.Y. U.S.A. 2020

- Jiwi International Watercolour Autumn Show 2021, Japan

- By the Sea Dubai, U.A.E. 2021

- Fabriano Aquarello 2022, Italy

- One thousand and one nights, New York

- Blissfulness - Picasso Art Gallery, Dubai

- DIFC Art Nights, Dubai

- Walk of Life, Dubai,. July 2022

- Mukt Atma, an exhibition in Panama, Oct 2022

- Small is Beautiful,- The Museum Of Americas, Oct 2022

- Jiwi International Watercolour Winter Show, Nov 2022, Japan

- 51st U.A.E. National Day Abu Dhabi, Dec 2022

- Rise, a painting on Racism, a permanent display in the Museum of South Korea, Oct 2022

- Norway virtual exhibition, creating a world record for 143 countries participating.

- 7 Stages of Grief Exhibition (Done by Alzheimer's patients and grief support group

   mentored by Durve) 2021

- Several exhibitions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the U.A.E and Delhi and Pune in India.

   August and December 2019

- Painting auctioned to save Koalas in the Australian fires, Jan 2020

- Painting auctioned for Ukraine refugees in U.K. on secret online fundraiser. June 2022

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